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Critical Insights

Ensure early clinical studies can demonstrate meaningful differentiation and value and that phase 3 programs are optimally designed to achieve successful commercialization.

Unmatched Support

Provided during any phase of the product lifecycle and across multiple therapeutic categories—from infectious and neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric disorders to oncology and diabetes.

Virtual Development Model

Programs designed to guide cross-functional development and commercial teams along the patient journey, building in critical insights and validation from healthcare professionals and payers along the way.

Bespoke Programs

Based on client needs, taking into account product potential, disease area, stage of development, and budget.

Our skills and services

Eyecatcher Consulting helps biotech and pharmaceutical companies gain early returns and investor interest by focusing on meaningful product differentiation that is easily recognized by patients, providers, and payers. This low-risk, low-cost solution is designed to maximize the potential for new products entering phase 2 or phase 3 studies. Other services include:

Developing clear, concise, and compelling brand strategy and positioning
Medical insights, developing, enhancing and validating of your target product profile
We have experts on hand who can deliver cost effective qualitative and quantitative research
Developing a compelling value proposition, global market access, and payer evidence planning
Objective assessments as well as ongoing reporting
From simple to detailed assessments, incorporating best practices from big pharma


Michael Gibbs, Managing Partner

An accomplished executive leader and valued problem solver in the biopharmaceutical sector, Mike has held US and global leadership positions, including Vice President of Global Marketing, at prominent companies such as AstraZeneca, Sanofi, and Aventis. There he helped transform clinical potential into commercial success in the therapeutic areas of neuroscience and infectious disease. He provided strategic counsel throughout numerous brand life cycles and held P&L responsibility for a $1.5B US oncology franchise. He gained extensive partnering experi- ence, successfully collaborating with biotech and peer pharma to secure licensing investments of over $350M and to develop a product portfolio with a projected PYS of >$5B.

Born in London, Mike received a B.Sc. in Biochemistry from the University of Sheffield, UK, and a postgraduate Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, also in the UK.

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  • Successfully built a late-stage pipeline in neuroscience through the in-licensing of 3 late-stage phase 3-ready assets
  • Led the cross-functional development and commercialization team for the successful global launch of a brand targeting opioid-induced constipation
  • Won a Senior Executive Team award for his work in delivering prelaunch education and awareness programs for a launch brand
  • Won a CEO award for his work in structuring a major pharma collaboration in the Alzheimer’s disease area

Whether you need support in product development and commercialization or help with brand positioning, strategy, or creative execution...

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